Hindi Tv Serial Surili Subah

Surili Subah Hindi tv-serials on YouTube Channel

‘Surili Subah’ literally meaning ‘melodious morning’ is a Bollywood music program aired on the channel Sony mix every Monday to Friday from 5:30 am to 10 am. The underground worm studio directed the program. It is a compilation of soft, soothing and 'rock n roll' Bollywood music. The program’s tagline is “Start Your Subah On A Surili Note”. Be it new or old, all types of Bollywood songs are played here. The program not only plays Bollywood movie songs, but also patriotic songs are played on days such as Republic Day and Independence Day, folk and traditional music is played on festive days.

The series also feature actors, actresses, and their movies. Information about each played song is displayed on the screen including the song's singer, lyrics artist, and music composed artist. Highlights and Bollywood news are also shown. The songs are played early morning to let people freshen up with melodious Bollywood music and to escape their busy life. It motives to start their day with happiness and joy because it is said that music distracts us from the seriousness and helps forget the pain.

One of the famous quotes lies here by Bob Marley that “None but ourselves can free our minds!”