Hindi Tv Serial Suraj The Rising Star

Suraj The Rising Star Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv

Suraj The Rising Star is popular among the people of India as the first animation series that was telecasted by Colors TV. The plot of this series was adopted from another series called ‘Star of the Giants’. This was a famous Japanese series.

Suraj The Rising Star is showing the life journey of a twelve-year-old boy. He is from the Mumbai slum area. In this series, this boy would start the training as a cricketer. Then, this show will follow him through his discovery of his own talent. Then, it runs through the plot how he would fight against all the hindrances for achieving his goal.

This series does not stop with giving you the cricket essence alone. There are also segments which speak about family relationships as well as friends. This was a real treat for all the cricket fans of India.

The boy’s character was named as ‘Suraj’. In this series, he was shown as faster and agile. Also, he will be a bowler with excellence. This is a series which showed the people of India about the transition to perfection and subsequently to victory. This story well-depicted the everyday challenges faced by the little boy. Ultimately, the animated cricket series was a treat to all the eyes of India.

Not only Suraj, the other characters like Vikram and Raju were casted well whenever this series showed the cricket matches.