Hindi Tv Serial SuperCops Vs Super Villains

Other names of : Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath
Supercops Vs Super Villains Hindi tv-serials on LIFE OK

‘SuperCops vs. SuperVillains’ is an Indian detective television anthology series on Life OK channel. As the name implies, the show was a battle between SuperCops and SuperVillians.

To present the theme well, the production company shot the serials in Maharashtra, especially Mumbai. Mumbai is known for its cops and as well for under-ground dons.

How does then cop arrest them and help the citizens? To tap the under-ground villains, the actors who played super-cops character were trained under martial arts and given a thorough professional training.

This brought a good reaction from the viewers as viewers had not seen before cops’ doing martial arts with villains of Mumbai. The show had a different title initially.

Fireworks Productions House created the show. The serial brought fame to actor Mani Joura, who was recognized as a star and who knew martial arts and even was a professional stunt-master. Other main cast included Shakti Anand and Iris Maity etc.