Hindi Tv Serial Subah Savere

Subah Savere Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Subah Savere is a television program that runs on the Doordarshan Television Network. Doordarshan is a national program that is owned by the government of India. Subah Savere is a program that airs in the morning and works as a great accompaniment to breakfast early morning. It is one of the longest running shows on Doordarshan. Sandeep Marwa and Mona Bhattacharya are the hosts who add beauty and intelligence to this television show. Sandeep Marwa is the director of Marwah Studios. Not only that, he happens to be the director of the Asian Academy of Film and Television as well.

The studios belong to the Marwah Studios and undergo revamping every once in a while. Subah Savere has many segments. Of these segments, some include interviews with television actors, interviews with movie stars, political talks and discussions with politicians, debates with newsmakers, interviews and performances by famous musicians and singers, the current events, the cultural affairs, displaying various stories of the business world and etc. It has one of the largest audience on Indian TV and is etched in the memory of many people who watched it first thing in the morning.

Some of the people that were brought on in the show and were interviewed were renowned singer Vasundhara Das. She is famous for her singing, acting, composing, speaking skills and her work as an entrepreneur. Another famous personality to be interviewed was Suresh Prabhu who is now presently the Indian Railway Minister and is one of the favourite politicians of the Indian public for his efficient work. Singer Arpita Bhattacharya was also interviewed in this television show. The first 3D animation movie in India was called Icy and Spicy.

Its director was also present on the show to be interviewed. Famous musician in the Indian classical music circuit, Rupi Mahindroo was also present as a guest in the show, she was there to discuss her efforts in promoting Indian classical music. Vikas Bharadwaj, a famous sitar player, also made an appearance on the television show. The questions that are asked to these wonderful personalities are about their inspirations, how they chose the path that they did in life, what were the difficulties they faced, what they want to do in the future, what are different aspects of their works and other important questions.

The television show is Hindi in language and caters to the Hindi speaking crowd of India. This show was a perfect way to start the morning filled with inspiration.