Hindi Tv Serial Studio One

Studio One  Hindi TV SERIALS on Star Utsav

Studio One was a drama and entertainment series that aired on Star Utsav. The series consisted of only seven episodes, but they each lasted around 90 mins. The episodes were independent of each other and were based on various short stories with different actors in each of them. The episodes were directed by famous directors such as Tigmanshu Dhulia Tigmanshu Dhulia is a super talented and multi-fac >> Read More... , Suresh Bhatnagar, and Saurabh Shukla Saurabh Shukla was born at Gorakhpur in Uttar Prad >> Read More... . Even though the episodes were independent, the show had a broader theme based on the lives of various people and various stories they hold. Each explores different aspects of the human being like greed, lust, grief, etc. The episodes range from thriller, romance, and comedy. The show ran from November 2004 to May 2005.

The first episode was titled ‘ One Night Stand Click to look into! >> Read More... .’ The story features a married couple Sameer and Seema. They both are satisfied and happy in their marriage. However, Sameer slips up and sleeps with his client while on a business trip. He instantly regrets and tells Seema who decides to leave her. The story then follows both of them as they realize how much they love and miss each other by being apart. The second episode focused on the movie industry and was titled ‘Woh Dus Din.’ It featured a director, an actor and an actress – David, Manish, and Reshma. The episode explores the lives of actors in Bollywood and the struggle they have to go through to achieve success. This is explored through David who makes a movie about the same topic.

The next episode was a thriller titled ‘Call Me Now.’ Sanjana is a new radio jockey who has just started working. Soon, she gets calls from an alleged serial killer who kills people while she’s on the air. The episode features her and Inspector Farhan as they try to track down the killer and save the rest of the victims. The fourth episode was ‘Na Na Karte’ which was a love story. Anjali is a girl who believes in love at first sight however past experiences have left her hurt. She shares her thoughts on men with her friend.

Soon she meets a guy named Jayanth and develops a crush on him. Will she be able to confess her feelings to him? Gambling was the focus of the next episode titled ‘Three Aces.’ It featured a gambler who suddenly finds luck and earns big money throughout the night. The episode follows him as he mends his way and tries to make a better life for himself. The series then goes back to the topic of romance and extra-marital affair with an episode called ‘ Ek Black Coffee.’ It features a married couple Nikhil and Vallabhi.

They both have a mutual friend Ashwin. Gradually, Vallabhi and Ashwin get closer to each other and develop feelings. Their relationship soon gets out of hand and before things escalate Ashwin decides to leave their lives to save their marriage. The series finale was titled ‘The Piano.’ The story revolves around a woman who wants to sell a piano and a man who wants to buy it. However, the man repeatedly calls the woman and talks to her with various personalities. Through these conversations, he tries to teach her and the viewers various lessons regarding life.