Hindi Tv Serial Sparsh Ek Ehsaas

Sparsh Ek Ehsaas Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Sparsh, Ek Ehsaas is a romantic series which aired on a weekly basis on Sahara One. Indranil Goswami directed the popular series and is also credited as one of the co-writers. He has graduated from the Concordia University Film School in Montreal and specialized in the field of Screenplay Writing and Direction. He has directed several acclaimed shows such as Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam, which used to air on Sahara TV.

The show received awards in multiple domains. He has also directed various serials for Bengali regional channels. Sparsh, Ek Ehsaas was shot in the picturesque locales of Darjeeling. The inaugural five episodes of Sparsh, Ek Ehsaas, were also re-edited and compiled into a feature film. He has also been involved across genres and has directed episodes of Crime Patrol for Sony as well as Saturday Suspense and Anhonee for Zee TV. Sparsh, Ek Ehsaas was produced for television by Arvishi Cine Vision.

It is owned by Ajay Shah who started the business and is also a diamond merchant by profession. They have also produced other acclaimed series for television like Kurukshetra, which aired on Zee TV, Shaheen and Tujhpe Dil Qurbaan, both of which aired on Sony. The production house is known for its eye for detail and perfection in the assignments it picks up. One of their more popular shows Shaheen sees Pravesh Bhardwaj in the director’s chair, who is also one of the scriptwriters. He has included some personal aspects of his life into the story. The serial is his first independent project. The plot takes us to the city of Lucknow and follows the story of a young girl Shaheen and her hopes and aspirations.

The narrative struck a chord with the audiences, many of whom had similar stories to Shaheen. Women all over the country could connect to the story of nurturing a dream but owing to circumstances not being able to follow up on it. Shaheen became the quintessential Indian girl who has to abandon her aspirations. She gets married into a family of her parents’ choosing and starts adjusting to living with her in-laws.

The show achieved fame and critical acclaim owing to some great performances. Sushma Seth, who played the role of Begum Sahiba and Juhi Parmar, who played the lead role of Shaheen, were the stars of the show. Their effortless acting helped the audiences connect to and adore the characters. Viewers all over India could easily relate to it themselves or from people they knew. Bhaveen Gossain portrayed the role of Nawab Junaid Akhtar, Shaheen’s husband.