Hindi Tv Serial Sonu Sweety

Sonu Sweety Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Sonu Sweety is the hilarious story of a middle-class Punjabi couple. They are married for seven years. They share a unique relation which is filled with love, hate, grievances and many more emotions. They are sometimes happy with each other, but the situation changes the very next moment. Their relation is not so at good most of the times. However, they try from both the ends to put it in a proper place. It is like a roller coaster experience for them to manage their relationship. These emotions and their unique way of tackling it produces a series of events that gives rise to hilarious shots and comic sequences.

It is the basic concept on which the whole show will be knit to entertain the audience. Also, the show received a huge TRP when it was first aired on the television. The makers are hopeful for a further increase in the rating points as the show will progress further. They fight over day-to-day chores that are a part of their daily lifestyle. They fight over silly instances which are not even literally an issue to be given attention. Their egos are the basic reason behind the constant fits between the two of them.

The big fight everyday of their lives revolves around and about the basic issues like Dhobi demanding more money, buying a refrigerator for home, putting the sofa in the drawing hall, setting up a frame of a wedding photograph, where to place the kitchen crockery and much more. But still, they manage to take a magical time for each other, and when they sport it, it is like a whole other world for both of them. They enjoy their company and appreciates each other for their efforts to make things work between them.

After the usual honeymoon period after their marriage, Sweety & Sonu Malhotra starts living their marriage in trial and error methods. They like every other marriage but just not theirs. They are in a huge dilemma about how to bring their lives back on track. It gets difficult for them to enjoy their life as well as keep the fights aside. Due to all these circumstances, a series of comic and witty incidents are generated that are the base of the show. It also features some great fictional work from the makers as well as the actors to make it more interesting for the viewers.

The crew of the show is excited for the new schedule of the shoot and are hopeful to get the love and support from the audience as the show will see some more twists and turns in the upcoming days.