Hindi Tv Serial Solhah Singaarr

Solhah Singaarr Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Solhah Singaarr is a Hindi serial of 422 episodes and 25 minutes running time screened on Sahara One from October 30, 2006, to August 22, 2008. The serial was directed by Pawan Kumar and Sujeet Kumar and stars Akangsha Rawat and Sachin Tyagi as the protagonists. The serial belongs to the drama genre. The show portrays the life of Meera played by Akangsha Rawat, a simple and happy-go-lucky girl. Her life changes following the death of her father followed by her marriage to Sumer Chaturvedi played by Sachin Tyagi.

After marriage, she is known as Shagun Sumer Chaturvedi, and she is seen to be playing a loving wife to a husband who does not value her initially as he was in love with another woman. However, he realises her love for him and slowly the happiness starts returning to their lives. But the happiness is shortlived as her husband dies leaving her a widow who is caught in a struggle for property between the members of her husband’s family.

The other casts include Sudha Chandran as Rajeshwari Bharadwaj, Anuj Saxena as Kumarvardhan Bharadwaj, Mrinal Kulkarni as Alaknanda Kumarvardhan Bharadwaj, ' Shalini Kapoor Sagar' as Irravati Bharadwaj, ' Raj Shekhar' as Irravati's Husband, ' Sonali Verma' as Sulochana Yash Bharadwaj, ' Vaquar Shaikh' as Shantanu, ' Apara Mehta' as Alaknanda's Mother,' Karan Singh Grover' as Abhimanyu, Rajeshwari Sachdev / ' Vaishnavi Mahant' as Vasundhara, ' Shabnam Mishra' as Damini Vikram Chaturvedi, ' Vaibhavi Upadhyay' as Urvashi Chaturvedi, ' Faisal Raza Khan' as Shakti Chaturvedi, ' Keerti Gaekwad Kelkar' as Sonia Shakti Chaturvedi and ' Gaurav Chopra' as Shiv Chopra.