Hindi Tv Serial Simply Sapney

Simply Sapney Hindi Tv serials on Zee next

Simply Sapne, a prime time drama aired on Zee Next dealt with the disturbances and turbulences in the lives of its four main characters namely; Kriti Sharma ( Vaibhavi Upadhyay), Riddhima ( Shruti Vyas), Parminder ( Ekta Saraiya), and Gayatri ( Vedita Pratap Singh). The show starts when they join Hotel Tropical Paradise as employees. The Hotel is under Vijay Mehra (played by Bikramjeet Kanwarpal), but it belongs to Kriti’s father, Ketan Malhotra ( Amit Singh Thakur). She changes her name to Kathy to hide her identity.

Gayatri has also changed her name. Her real name is Gajra Vyas. She is the daughter of a renowned classical singer, who lives in the same hotel and doesn’t know about Gajra, as he left his wife to live a life of his own. As the story progresses, he comes to know about Gajra and wants that she stays with him. While Kathy meets Vijay Mehra’s son Karan Mehra ( Gautam Rode) and after some differences, they finally fall in love.

Karan has to suffer the agony of his step-mother, Mandy ( Shradha Kaul) who doesn’t want that Karan inherits Vijay’s property. But it turns out that Karan is the first outsider who gets to learn the truth about Hotel’s actual owner. Their lives take a steep turn when an accident occurs at Tropical Paradise, and Karan gets injured.

After the mishappening, Vijay Mehra fires Kathy as he feels she is responsible. Along with Kathy (aka Kriti) Riddhima, Parminder and Gayatri also leave the hotel in support of their friend. When Karan recovers he enquires about Kathy and he too leaves the Hotel to search for Kathy, not aware of the fact that Kathy is Kriti he proposes her. All five of them now work at a Hotel of their own, but problems don’t end. The food prepared by Kathy and Karan for their opening is poisoned by Riddhima’s brother on being told by Vijay and Anaida.

Anaida manages Hotel Tropical Paradise and is a cynical, cruel boss; she supports Vijay in his actions against the girls. Riddhima tastes the food and warns Kathy against it. She suffers a coma because of poison. Police arrests Parminder and Kathy for all of this. The four friends are again separated.

By the end of the show all of them unite, Karan finally learns that Kathy and Kriti are the same people. He feels betrayed and used, but his love for Kathy overpowers his harsh emotions. Ridhhima recovers from the coma and is engaged to her boyfriend, Jimmy. The three couples get married soon, and Vijay Mehra apologizes for his deeds. The show concludes on a happy note.