Hindi Tv Serial Shorveer Sisters

Shorveer Sisters Hindi TV SERIALS on BIG Magic

Shoorveer Sister show aired on Big Magic and is a Children friendly show. The show starts with a little kid asking his elder sister to tell her a good night story. She starts off by telling about the place Suryanagar and his king Mahendra and his six wives. She tells that he was happy but sad within as he had no child. Then came a new Queen Padmavati and gave him the gift of seven boys and a baby girl.

This made the other wives of the king envious and they killed the boys, eliminating the chance of Padmavati’s heir. The baby girl, Parul, was that they were left with. Paul was sent to her grandmother’s place. The flowers rose from the graves from the dead brothers.

There come many challenges in their lives and the main challenge that Parul faced was to resurrect her brothers. The rest of the story revolves around her adventures. This is a nice concept where the whole family could enjoy the show. Big Magic has done a great work by encouraging such story to be aired.