Hindi Tv Serial Shani

Shani Hindi TV SERIALS on Colors TV



Shani is a newly telecasting TV show on Colors TV. It started airing on 7 November 2016 and will be aired every Sunday. Siddharth Kumar Tewary is the producer of the show. He is well known for creating shows on mythological stories like ‘ Mahabharat’ and Suryaputra Karn. Salil Ankola plays the role of Suryadev. Juhi Parmar Shroff portrays Shani’s mother, which is also the lead role in the show. Diwakar Pundir potrays Vishnu. Akshat Singh, Tinu Verma, Kunal Bakshi and Tarun Khanna, are all part of Shani’s main cast. The serial is based on the existence of Lord Shani. It is another big budget project of the production house. Daksha Kanya Sangya is the wife of God Surya. Despite all her efforts; she couldn't manage to absorb all of Lord Surya’s radiance. She felt that, if she does atonement, she would be able to increase her intelligence and also she thought she would no longer be afraid of her husband. But Surya never saw her in a bad light. For him, she was a loyal and hard-working wife. He eventually had three children with her.

The first child was Vaivastava Manu; Yama Raj was the second child, and Yamuna was the third. All three of them were loved equally by their mother. But she was concerned about her husband’s anger. She couldn't let him abuse her children while fearing for her life. She finds a way to break the marriage and goes back to her parents home. Surya goes to her residence to make her come back to him. Over there, he undertakes atonement and begs her to come back. She warns everybody that, if anybody tries to convince her then she will leave everything and go to the mountains with her children. Sangya, by the power of her prayers creates a shadow of herself and names it Survana. She hands over the duties of her children to the shadow and hands her the responsibility to nurture and protect them. It would have to play the role of their mother in her absence. If any problem arose, she should immediately inform her. She should be careful not to let people doubt her reality that she is a shadow and not Sangya. No one should ever know the truth. The three children were later known to the world as Manu, Tapti and God Shani.