Hindi Tv Serial Shaktimaan

Shaktimaan Hindi Tv serials on Doordarshan
Shaktiman is a famous Indian Fictional show with a Superhero concept directed by Dinker Jani and created and produced by Mukesh Khanna. It was aired on India’s national television network-Doordarshan. It aimed to bring to the Indian audiences the fictional characters of Superheros, giving it a very Indian feel and storyline. The show was so famous, especially amongst the children that it was later dubbed and aired on Pogo in English, Tarang in Oriya and Chutti Tv in Tamil. It was also re-telecasted on Star Utsav.

Like in every Superhero show, this story also has a shy and timid guy who has an elter-ego of a Superhero. Mukesh Khanna essays the tutular character of Shaktiman who to the eyes of the world is a timid comman man, a reporter named Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri who works with a newspaper called Aaj ki Awaz. At the call of help, he turns into this beefed up macho-man character of the Superhero Shaktiman, who has supreme strength and is oblivious to any pain or injuries that can come in his path of saving the mankind. At a time when eveil was rising in the world the Suryvanshis, chose a man of truth and honesty, assumed to be a rebirth of their leader Shri Satya and blessed him with the powers of the five elements of Life- Fire, Earth, Water, Wind and Sky. He is also trained by the Gurus in using his powers.. To avoid falling prey to his enemies he pledges to keep his true identity hidden and not letting anyone know who Shaktiman is, or where he lives. Thus, the powerful Shaktiman turns to the simpleton Gangadhar Shastri.

Some of the other important characters are Geeta Vishwas played by Vaishnavi Mahant, who falls in love with Shaktiman while hating Gangadhar Shastri, as he is a loser. She slowly gets to knows the secret behind Shaktiman, but promises to not let the world know. This character was initially rumored to be played by Kitu Gidwani but was replaced for unknown reasons. Tom Alter essays the Character of Shaktiman’s mahaguru. Surendra Pal plays the evil Tamraj Kilvish, Shaktiman’s biggest enemy. Lalit Parimoo plays Dr. Jaikal, the evil scientist who works for Tamraj. Nawab Shah plays the mayor of the city- Jaikumar Janardhan Kakodkar.

Shaktiman was like a combination of all the superhero’s like Captain Planet, Superman, Spiderman, etc. put together in an Indian Avatar. He is the defender of truth and remover of all evil. It was the most popular and longest running show for children on DD Network. The show was introduced to the viewers with an introductary episode on 20th September, 1997. The normal series started from 27th September 1997, with last episode telecasted on 27th March, 2005. The show came on the DD network every Sunday, 12 noon. The last few episodes of the show were telecasted with a changed timing of 9.30 am.