Hindi Tv Serial Shabaash India

Shabaash India Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Shabaash India was an Indian reality television series that was aired on Zee tv. It brought to the limelight the talents and record breaking achievements of the people of India. The show was an aped and Indianized version of the ‘Ripleys! Believe it or Not!’. It aimed to present the unique human abilities of strength, perseverance, mental and physical balance that have been mastered by many successful Indians across the country. It made the Indian viewers in the country and away, proud of the mean feats and the undiscovered raw power that existed in the country. It aimed to provide a platform to these unusual talents and saluting them for their achievements.

The show was created by Zee tv, directed by Abhilash Bhattacharya and hosted by the handsome Hussain Kuwajerwala. Participants were selected on the basis of an All-India Audition. A few of the acts featured on the show were – a man who pulled a Boeing 737 with his hair, A young man breaking 76 tube lights with his neck, A woman who had 50 motor cycles run over her stomach, A girl pulling a 650 ton ship with her teeth, A girl showing off her 360 degree flexibility in the form of an Artistic Yoga, etc. The Show was telecasted from July 2008 – February, 2008.