Hindi Tv Serial Seeta Aur Geeta

Seeta Aur Geeta Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv
Seeta aur Geeta is an Indian Television drama series telecasted on NDTV Imagine. It was produced and created by Bohra Bros production and directed by Maqbool Khan. The story of the show had been adopted from the original blockbuster movie of the same name starring Hema Malini, Dhamendra and Sanjeev Kapoor. The serial was more like a tribute to the success of the movie and hoped to reinvent the magic of the blockbuster movie on the small screen.

Hema Malini, the lead in the famous movies was also present at the launch and wished the cast for the success of the show and was reported to have felt honored by the tribune.

The Serial, just like the movie, tells the story of two identical twin sisters who get separated during birth and grow up in different surroundings to become two different individuals. Seeta loses her parents, while young and lives with her Chacha and Chachi,who only take care of her for her property and treat her like a servant. She grows up to become a reserved person, who is scared of her chacha and chachi. Geeta on the other hand is taken away by the family maid who raises her as her own. She grows up to become a tomboyish brat. How they meet, get together, get exchanged again and solve each other’s problems forms the crux of the story.

Anjori Alag, daughter of the famous yeteryear actress Maya Alagh, marks her Indian Television debut with this serial. She plays the two distinctive charaters of the shy and submisive Seeta and the strong and street-smart Geeta. Gaurav Dixit plays Raka, an autodriver and Geeta’s best friend who falls for Seeta confusing her to be Geeta. Cezanne Khan plays Ravi, a rich, handsome and sophisticated advertising tycoon. He is the perfect prince charming of Geeta’s dream, and the two slowly fall in love. Rituraj Singh and Sushmitha Mukherjee essay the roles of the evil grey shaded characters of Chacha and Manorama Chachi. Honey Chhaya plays Ramu kaka and Subiha Arya is Dadiji, who form the support for the troubled Seeta

The show premeired on NDTV Imagine on 25th May, 2009 and the last episode was telecasted on 25th Spetember, 2009. It was tecasted from Monday-Friday 7.30 pm and 9 pm.