Hindi Tv Serial Savdhaan India at 11 Crime Alert

Savdhan India At 11 Crime Alert Hindi TV SERIALS on LIFE OK

Savdhaan India-India Fights Back is a well-known Hindi crime Thriller show, broadcasted initially at Star Utsav and now at Life OK, both of which are owned by Star India. The series was first aired on 23rd April 2012. Currently in its seventh season, the one-hour fiction crime show has completed 1681 episodes (as of 8th June 2016). The series, directed by Prasad Gavandi and Govind Agrawal, focusses on fights for justice against real life appalling crime cases. The series aware the audience with these shocking events, making them mindful of the dreadful incidences occurring around them. Stories of people, harmed by others and seeking justice, are depicted The show raises the terrifying issues prevailing in the society by bringing to the small screen real life-based crime stories.

The show features criminal cases, usually with a dramatized ending. Stories sometimes seem exaggerated to some extent in order to arrest the audience’s interest. In May 2016, Manoj Bajpayee hosted a special episode of Savdhaan India. Actor-filmmaker Sunny Deol also appeared on a special episode highlighting rape cases in India. The show depicts the lag in our judicial system, and the delays caused in decision making due to poor coordination among the authorities. During the episode, there is a mystery, and the viewer is tempted to figure it out. We, as sentient beings, like puzzles and like working them. Although the viewers greatly love the show, there is a conflict going on for the authenticity of the stories. Some believe that the action part, the story and the characters itself are skewed.

The show has thus received mixed responses from the audience, immense popularity from one end while drawing abject criticism from the other. In one of the episodes, a boy dies by consuming milk contaminated by a lizard. However, it has been proven scientifically that consuming lizard does not lead to anything more serious than few stomach aches. Incidents like these, and many other, leads one to ponder upon the legitimacy of the show. The show has managed to bring to light a hideous face of the modern day crime scene.

Unbelievably gory details of some of the most unfortunate tales may make one’s skin crawl but to the viewer sitting in a seemingly safe cocoon, it serves a warning that they are unseen perils around them, and it is wise to take the necessary precautions. Gaurav Chopra, Divya Dutta, Sushant Singh, Mohnish Behl, Saurabh Raj Jain, Pooja Gaur, Siddharth Shukla and Hiten Tejwani are the hosts of this show. A version focused on Maharashtra, with ShreyasTalpade as host; a Mumbai-based version, with Atul Kulkarni as host; one version depicting the crime scene in Punjab and one showing the fight against crime in U.P are some other versions of the TV show.