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Sasural Genda Phool Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Sasural Genda Phool is a famous television light-hearted family drama series aired on Star Plus. It is set in the beautiful and old Delhi 6 area, India and brings to life the characters of Suhana and Ishaan. The story revolves round the love-story of Suhana and Ishaan, how they meet, their marriage, family, etc.

Suhana is a full-spirited girl, belonging to an affluent background, and brought up with all amenities and servants available for her beg and call. Having lost her mother at an early age, she has always been very lonely. She tries everything to get her dad’s attention but he is always busy and hence, Suhana grows up to be a rebellious person. Having been denied love and being called un-fit for marriage by her love crush/boyfriend- Mohit, she decides to prove him wrong and agrees to marry anyone her Dad picks for her.

Ishaan is a shy, warm-hearted software engineer living in old Delhi with his big joint-family. He has always failed in love and is the typical mama’s boy character who intends to marry according to his family’s choice.

How they meet, fall in love and where life takes them, how Suhana having brought up in a small family adjusts to the new big family, etc. forms the crux of Sasural Genda Phool. It has also been known as the journey of Suhana’s character and how she finds the essence of family and its importance. She discovers the love and care of the family and hence the name - Sasural Genda Phool.

The peppy Ragini Khanna plays the spoiled brat Suhana Bajpayee Kashyup and playing the lead opposite her is the dashing Jay Soni as Ishaan Kashyap. Their awesome chemistry is one of the USP’s of the show. Famous ‘Tu tu main main’ bahu Supriya Pilgaonkar plays Shailaja Kashyup aka Badi Ma, Ishaan’s Aunt and his pillar of strength and opposite her is Indraneel Bhattacharya as Eshwar Kashyup, Bade Papa, Inshaan’s Uncle, who goes missing for many years, only to return back looking for acceptance from his family. Moon Banerjee and Shailesh Gulabani play Panna and Raunak, Shailaja and Eshwar Kashyup’s daughter and son-in-law.

Sooraj Thapar plays Alok Kashyap, Ishaan’s Father with Shruti Ulfat essaying the character of Ranno Kashyap, Ishaan’s Mother. Other than Ishaan, they have a college going daughter Ishika Kashyup, played by the lovely Neha Narang.

Sadiya Siddique plays the pivotal role of Radha Bua, a woman whose husband sells her to another person on their first night. She gets raped by the buyer and ends ups caring his son, Deepak, later played by Akshay Sethi. Mahesh Thakur plays Kamal Kishore Bajpayee, a widower and Suhana’s Father, who loves his daughters a lot. Tapeshwari Sharma plays Sanjana Bajpayee, Suhana’s Sister who later goes on to play Deepak’s love-interest and they get married after a lot of hardships and convincing by the end of the show. Sudhir Pandey and Anita Kanwal play Ambarnath Kashyap and Gayatri Kashyup respectively, Ishaan’s paternal grandparents, who provide the comic relief to the show with their still budding love for each other, which has only grown with age.

Jiten Lalwani plays the role of Inder Kashyam, Ishaan’s Brother, and son to Shailaja and Eshwar Kashyup. Bhairavi Raichura, plays Ragini Kashyup, Inder’s wife. They have a daughter, Meethi played by the cute 7 year old Muskaan Uppal. Shyam Mashalkar plays Illyesh Kashyap, Ishaan’s brother and Pooja Kanwal Mahtani plays his wife Disha Kashyup.

Mohit Malhotra is also seen during the start as Sid, Suhana’s Ex-love interest who had rejected her; calling her unfit to be a marriage material.

The show went on to become a great hit. So much that it was remade in Bengali –‘Ogo Badhu Sundari’ and was aired on Star Jalsa. It was also dubbed into Telugu as ‘Attarillu’ on Maa tv and in Tamil as ‘Nandhavanam’ on Star Vijay. The show has recently been relaunched on Start Utsav.

Sasural Genda Phool was aired from Monday-Friday on Star Plus, at 7.30pm. It premiered on March 1st, 2010 and the last episode was aired on 20th April, 2012 with a successful run of 2 years.

Other dubbed versions of the serial :

Attarillu I Telugu I MAA Tv I Current at 3:00 pm

Nandhavanam I Tamil I Star Vijay I Current at 1:30pm