Hindi Tv Serial Sarvggun Sampanna

Sarvggun Sampanna Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv
On 11th May 2010 Imagine TV channel broadcasted a new successful Indian drama series called Sarvggun Sampanna. Created by Balaji Telefilms and written by Saching Davekar, Vandana Tewari and Shirish Latkar they made 125 episodes that captioned people of all ages. The stars Pooja Bose, Sunita Rao, Pramod Pawar, Sangeeta Kapure, Mujtaba Ali Khan, Aarya DharmChand Kumar and Puja Banerjee gave to this series a glow and a special kind of feelings for a drama for a half of year when the series finished on 29th October 2010.

The main story is set in Kolhapur an Indian small city and presents a life story of Swara played by Pooja Bose who is the only child of a very poor family. Swara is a known theater dancer and with her parents they work on a theater group that put shows around towns. The parents of Swara doesn’t want that her only daughter to continue dancing and make a career of it. They try to find her a good and wealthy husband to marry and settle down. They got really fast an answer to their wish since Swara got a marriage proposal from the wealthiest and respected family in Kolhapur. She got married and surprising she is accepted by all the members of her husband family when her past catches up with her and take a big turn.