Hindi Tv Serial Sarrkkar - Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani

Sarrkkar - Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Sarrkkar – Risshton Ki Ankahi Kahani is an Indian television series about, as the name suggests, a family that has its involvements deeply in politics. Priyamvada Devi (played by Divvya Sheth) is the main head of the house, along with being the head of the state. She is a chief minister and is continuing the legacy of her late husband, Veer Pratap Singh. He was assassinated while he was in power and she tries to unravel the conspiracies that might have led to his demise.

Her two family members help her in the supervision of the party and the politics along with it. She trusts no one in her political matters other than her sister-in-law and her youngest son, Smt. Bharati Devi and Karan Pratap Singh (played by Rohit Roy) respectively. Her daughter-in-law, Urvashi (played by Tisca Chopra) manages all the household activities. This was only possible because of her marriage to Priyamvada Devi’s other son, Kunal Pratap Singh (played by Ronit Roy).

Kunal does not have any interest in politics and has decided to stay clear of it. Priyamvada Devi has a daughter as well, Kritika (played by Mouli Ganguly). However, Kritika has issues of her own and constantly blames her mother for everything wrong that has happened to her family. Priyamvada Devi has so far defeated her opposition that sponsored a no-confidence motion against her. Kunal, her eldest, is on the move to Bangalore to manage his IT business. Meanwhile, Karan is a spoiled brat of a child who believes in muscle power over intelligence, and he uses it to regain his dominance.

He is also head over heels for an actress named Shweta. However, her mother disapproves of their relationship. The story hangs on two different threads, the family drama and the politics involved with it. Both the threads are interwoven, and this leads to Priyamvada Devi walking a fine line to manage both the aspects of her life that are important to her. It is her job to ensure that her family does not suffer due to her hands being deeply involved in dirty politics.