Hindi Tv Serial Sar Aankhon Par

Sar Aankhon Par Hindi Tv serials

Sar Aankhon Par is a story scripted as a tribute to the glorious 50 years of Indian cinema and provides an honest insight into Bollywood and how the industry works. The story focuses on the life of Sunday (portrayed by Dilip Joshi), who is an actor in Hindi movies. His entire life revolves around his films and his career.

He has a son, Jai, (portrayed by Anuj) who hates all films ever since his mother (portrayed by Nivedita Joshi), who performed action sequences for movies, died during a stunt performance Rameshwari. Sunday meets an aspiring actress called Bubbly (portrayed by Anoushka) and goes on to introduce her to the director N Chandra. He is in talks with Mukul Dev for making a movie and gets supremely impressed with Bubbly’s performance during the screen test.

He merely needs the producer to say yes to her. Bubbly is extremely pleased and happy with the turn of events and wants to help Sunday in any way she can since he helped her achieve her big break in Bollywood. He confides in her about his son and their history and home. Bubbly thus sets out to meet Jai, and the two start to hit it off. Soon they fall in love and become inseparable. Jai, however, is oblivious to the fact that Bubbly is an actress in Bollywood. Things take a drastic turn when on the 50th birthday celebrations of Sunday, he gets the news that he is suffering from cancer.

The news leaves him dejected, but the entire film fraternity comes together to show their love and support for him and to cheer him once again. They rally around him and show him what a wonderful life he has led through the years through his work and also by the support he had given to many up and coming artists when they struggled to make a mark in the industry.

The film has a marvelous soundtrack composed by Jatin-Lalit and sees friendly appearances by many Bollywood stars as a mark of respect for the tribute the movie was paying 50 years of Indian cinema. This movie sees Gyan Sahay as the director, who has worked in the industry for over four decades in various capacities and is best known for his cinematography for the popular TV series Dekh Bhai Dekh. He was also a member of the lighting and camera team during the shooting of Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi.