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Mythology has always endeared the Indian masses. Whether Ramayana, or Mahabharata, or even the tales of the Holy Trinity, each has its own tale of enchantment. Into this league steps in another serial, Santoshi Maa. Based on the epic 1975 sleeper hit, ‘Jai Santoshi Maa’ and some mythological folklores, this serial depicts the tale of Santoshi , a young girl with a magnanimous heart, who is a devotee of the all giver Goddess, Santoshi Maa. Santoshi seeks her blessings, to ward out the sufferings and tribulations she faces in her daily life. Santoshi is an orphan, who has to suffer the brunt of her relatives.

Portrayed like a classic Cinderella, for which Indian television serials are well known, she is made to suffer by her relatives. She is a devout devotee of Goddess Santoshi, which not only infuriates her ‘family’, but an influential Goddess, Paulomi Maa as well, who tries her best to make Santoshi suffer, and grovel on her miseries. But Goddess Santoshi always comes to her rescue. However, Paulomi Maa, along with Goddess Laxmi, and Parvati, wants unconditional authority and superiority, and makes the issue of Santoshi Maa being adulated by other Gods as a prestige issue. She also knows that Santoshi is the biggest follower of Santoshi Maa, and tries her best to deviate her from the path.

Through her power of occult, Santoshi gets married to Dhairya, a spoilt brat, who sees Santoshi as nothing but a mere object of lust, whom he can quench his thirst with. Dhairya’s family, the Mishras, is equally devious, and stone-hearted. In no way, do they show any sympathy to Santoshi, except for the old grandmother, who sees the purity of Santoshi’s character? In the Mishras’ eyes, Santoshi is more of a slave, who should never forget her duties toward her family, even if that threatens her life. Even when Santoshi suffers from an unknown disease, instead of helping her, they ostracize her. It is then that Santoshi Maa herself comes down to protect her devotee, and teach the scheming a lesson. This show marks the return of eminent actress Ratan Rajput, who was last seen in ‘Mahabharata,' as Princess Amba. Also, noted actress Gracy Singh makes her television debut through this serial, in the titular role, inspired from the original classic, where Anita Guha reprised the role of Goddess Santoshi.

Also debuting on television is noted actor Omkar Das Manikpuri, well known for his character Nattha, in Aamir Khan’s production, ‘PEEPLI LIVE,' as the heartless uncle of Santoshi. Sayantani Ghosh reprises the role of the absolutely jealous and devious Goddess, Paulomi, who is continuously scheming against Goddess Santoshi, among others. Famous actress Poonam Dhillon will also be seen in an important role in the upcoming episodes of the serial.