Hindi Tv Serial Sanskruti

Nothing is more hurtful than the betrayal by a loved one. That’s what the very popular serial “Sanskruti” which was telecasted in 2001 was all about. It aired on Mondays at 1.30 pm on Star Plus. Sanskruti is a Hindi word which means culture or tradition. It explores the relationships in a family where the foundation of marriage gets irrevocably shaken after the death of one partner.

The three main protagonists of the show were Savita Prabhune, Prabha Sinha, and Vijayendra Ghatge. The serial was produced by Cinevistaas Ltd, and the story was written by Harsha Jagdish. Krishnakant (the character played by Vijayendre Ghatge), a middle-aged, successful business person who owns a chain of hotels in Delhi, Mumbai and Dehra Dun is an ideal family man, a doting father and loving husband of Rukmani (Savita Prabhune). They had three children Kunal, Gauri ( Dolly Sohi) and Nupur.

Everyone looks upon him with great respect and admiration. But misfortune strikes as Krishnakant dies suddenly, leaving behind a trail of undiscovered truths for his family. The tragedy is followed by the crisis when a woman (Radhika played by PrabhaSinha) walks in with her three children (Kunika, Gaurav, and Payal) claiming to be Krishnakant’s second wife for many years.

The entire situation is complicated by Krishnakant’s will, which states that after his death, the two women would have to stay together under the same roof as one family.

The show revolved around three questions that were on every viewer’s mind: Will Rukmani ever be able to forgive her husband’s betrayal? Will she and her children accept the other woman and her kids? Will there be a change, an evolution in the thinking of the two women Krishnakant had so dearly loved in his lifetime? Towards the end, the differences start to reduce, and the two women begin to get along due the affection between their children.

The names of the characters in this serial were of keen interest as they formed a pair as Rukmani and Radhika, Kunal and Kunika, Gauri and Gaurav, and Payal and Nupur. Sanskruti was about a man-woman relationship in marriage, their trust, loyalty, pain, disillusionment, and a will that made little sense. All in all, it was a gripping serial that was very well received by the viewers.