Hindi Tv Serial Sansaar

Sansar Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Sansaar serial is telecast on the ZEE TV channel. This serial is about family relations- how fragile they are. How it is your choice to view your life. This serial tells us about human nature to compare their lives with their relatives. This serial starts with the introduction of all the characters. A couple has four sons and two daughters. Three of the elder sons are settled in London. The last one lives in India. The two sisters are also settled in London. Almost all of them are married and have kids. The eldest one has two daughters. He is always complaining to his father that he wanted a son so that he had someone to share his responsibilities with. He wanted a son so that his son could carry his legacy. So he keeps criticizing his daughters and scolding them and his wife. He also thinks that his brothers do not have the responsibility of taking care of their parents. The second brother has two sons whom he is always scolding as they are not employed. The third brother has a daughter and he lost his son during an accident. But he is now being tortured by his ex-girlfriend who wants revenge for rejecting her and marrying his present wife. She has come back in his life in the form of his boss.

The fourth brother is about to get married to a really nice girl. But he loves some other girl. Marrying her would mean going against family. He asks for help from his sister-in-law, as she already helped him and his now-wife to get married against family wishes. They all meet after years for the eldest brother’s daughter’s marriage. During weddings, many problems occur as the ex-girlfriend comes to the wedding drunk to stalk brother number three. Brother number one keeps losing his temper on his brothers always there for one another. This serial explores all of their lives and how they tackle their problems. The true meaning of family is explained in this serial. Family means everything.