Hindi Tv Serial Sanjivani-A Medical Boon

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Doctors are often considered equal to GODS & why not, they are saving the lives that god has given to us. They are our body’s mechanic but unlike real mechanics they have to repair the machine (human being) with its engine on. This profession demands ultimate self-confidence & dedication because they are doing one of the most difficult tasks in the world. Sanjivani-A Medical Boon tells a story about four medical interns (Juhi, Rahul, Simran and Omi). All of them have joined Sanjivani Hospital as interns when the serial starts. The serial tells the story of how these four come into a difficult and demanding profession. They have high ideals, passion, energy – and a degree of naïveté about their work. They bring a breath of fresh air into the hospital.

The story takes us through how these four doctors face the trials and tribulations in life to fight a constant battle against diseases and death of patients. The story is more like the tale of the lives of people who are regarded as miracle workers – but who are actually only human, with families, lives and emotions of their own. The story revolves around the difficulties, miseries, happiness & sorrows of these so called miracle workers.

The deadly dilemma of their life is that for once people call them gods but not even a small mistake from them is expected. They are suddenly made culprits & they become villain of their own lives. Sanjivani is called ‘miracle vaccine’ that can cure anything. It can give life to a dead person. But it still needs a doctor to give it in the right manner. And that’s what our doctors. We should respect them…& this show is dedicated to them.