Hindi Tv Serial Sangam

Sangam Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Sangam (a union of rivers) is an Indian soap opera created by Fox Television Studios India for the channel Star Plus. This serial was written by Rajesh Beri and Sharad Tripathi, and directed by Shish Khurana.

The opening theme of the serial, “Sangam” is performed by Roop Kumar Rathod. Produced by Neeraj Sharma, the drama aired for 328 episodes and the running time was 24 minutes.

Sangam follows the life of Ganga, a girl in a village. She belongs to a poor family, and her father has a lot of aspirations for her future. She falls in love with a rich business tycoon named Sagar Bhatia.With Ganga’s father’s sudden demise, a villain marries her by force. Her husband is a very cruel and heartlessman who compels her to spend the night with him and his friends and earns money from her.

Even through all these trials and tribulations, Ganga still loves Sagar. Ultimately, the “Sangam” takes place between Ganga and Sagar, and they eventually get married.

The drama stars Jennifer Winget as the protagonist Ganga. Born on May 30, 1984, she is a famous actress who has received numerous awards as well as recognition for her work. She has essayed a variety of roles in TV serials, and is considered a leading name in this industry.