Hindi Tv Serial Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo

Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo Hindi TV SERIALS on SAB TV

Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo is a Hindi sitcom that aired on the channel Sony SAB from Monday to Friday at 9 pm but was later changed to 11 pm. It ran for 478 episodes from 14 December 2009 to 6 January 2012. The serial was directed by Hemen Chouhan and produced by Vipul D Shah and Sanjiv Sharma. The main cast of the serial includes Sumeet Raghavan as Apoorva Shah, Ami Trivedi as Tulika Shah, Tiku Talsania as Dhirubhai Jhaveri, Shalini Khanna as Pallavi Shah, Pallavi Pradhan as Usha Dhirubhai Jhaveri, Mughda Chaphekar (replaced by Anchal Sabharwal) as Aarti, Manoj Goyal as Pankaj Shah, Sukesh Anand as Paresh Shah, Apara Mehta as Damini Devi Deewan, Rajiv Thakur as Raju/Ishwar Lal Shah, Swapnil Joshi as Bhavesh Bhausar, Mehul Bhojak as Mohit Kunwar Singh, Paresh Ganatra as Natwarlaal, Shweta Tiwari as ACP Archana, Navina Bole as Soniya, and Karishma Tanna as Kiran.

Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo, meaning don’t lie, honey, is a situational comedy that arises from a man’s endless attempts to hide a lie. Apoorva Shah is an orphan in search of a job. He goes for an interview in Dhirubhai’s Global Sanskar Group of Industries and there he finds out that the chairman, Dhirubhai Jhaveri, is a man who gives importance to family relationships, and he is an obstinate man who refuses to waver his beliefs. Apoorva felt compelled to lie to Dhirubhai to obtain the job. He tells him that he has a big family back home.

Dhirubhai’s niece Aarti is a girl with similar principles. Apoorva and Aarti fall in love. Dhirubhai approves of their love and agrees to let them get married. Apoorva contemplates telling Aarti the truth but refrains from doing so. Apoorva requests his best friend, Raju, to arrange for a fake traditional family. Dhirubhai meets them and instantly loves them. From then on, the serial takes a comedic turn. Everyone does everything they can to keep up the ruse. After Apoorva and Aarti get married, they live away from Apoorva’s fake family. When Dhirubhai goes to Goa, he sees a member of Apoorva’s family in modern clothes, contrary to what he knew. Apoorva tries to convince Dhirubhai that he saw someone else and that those two were doubles. Dhirubhai doesn’t believe it until he sees someone who looks like himself.