Hindi Tv Serial Saathii Re

Saathii Re Hindi Tv serials on Star one
Created by the Bollywood studios in India Saathii Re became in 2006 when it was launched on STAR One on 9th October the most appreciated Drama Tv Series at that time with only one season and 196 episodes. Series stars cast Amir Dalvi playing Rajiv and Parakh Madan playing Suman with the help of the director Partho Mitra made from STAR One the leader of audience until 9th August 2007 when the show ended.

The main story is based on girl Suman played by Parakh Madan which is having an affair with Prem a boy. One day the family of Suman come to her with a marriage proposal. Being in love with Prem, Suman refuses the proposal and after a while the proposed boy falls in love for Suman. The parents forces Suman to marry with Rajeev, the proposed boy. Surprise or not Suman fall in love soon enough with Rajeev and they got married. Facing the problems of a marriage life and enjoying the good moments Prem decided to return and convince Suman that she still loves him and that would be better to return. Suman being a married woman refuses and then Prem acted without thinking and Rajeev the actual husband finds out. Drama starts to show the emotions and suspense and these two characters made from this Tv series a lead market.