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Saat Phere - Saloni Ka Safar Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Saat Phere - Saloni Ka Safar was a popular Indian television serial aired on Zee tv. It was India’s 9th longest running serial and brought in lot of success to its makers and actors associated with it.The series won a lot of prestigious awards and its characters too won awards for their much-admired performances.The show was created by Sphere Origins and written by Rajesh Dubey and Purnendu Shekhar. The show was directed by Rakesh Sarang. The story was set in the backdrops of Rajasthan and revolved around the life of the dusky Saloni and the twists and turns of her life’s journey, especially after marriage. Hence the name ‘Saath Phere’. 

Saat Phere - Saloni Ka Safar garnered good response due to its offbeat concept i.e. dark color. The serial was very popular at one juncture that it crossed 5 TRPs. 

What use is when a developing country like India has advanced in many fields but the degradation of the female gender is still rampant? Saat Phere p Saloni Ka Safar has this bold concept as the crux. 

Saloni played by Rajashree Thakur Vaidya is a sweet and charming 24 year old girl, who has always been criticized for her dark complexion and often rejected by the society as a bad omen. But she remains undeterred and fights to gain her unique identity. She takes it upon her to fight against the laws of the society and create a better future for herself.Hence we have Saloni Ka Safar in the title.

Saloni's parents Narpat Singh and Ambika Singh, played by Mohan Bhandari and Pratichi Mishra respectively, are looking to get her married but are not able to find a suitable alliance for her due to being rejected for her color. Most alliances come with a request to marry her younger sister Shubra played by Poonam Gulati who is fair and beautiful instead.This leads to a lot of distress in the family. Her younger brother Samar played by Mazhar Syed and his wife Kaveri played by Aanchal Dwivedi too do not like Saloni as she is the barrier between them and the family property. Saloni’s mother too dislikes her as she thinks she is a big problem for the family and born with the dark color. Saloni’s only help here is her best friend Neel played by Raqesh Vashisth, who also secretly loves her and Gayatri bua played by Saadiya Siddiqui.

Saloni finds her match in Nahar Singh played by Sharad Kelkar, a widower who looks beyond her color and sees in her inner beauty, pure heart and values. Nahar is the prince of a well-known Rajput family, who comes to Saloni’s house to marry her younger sister Shubra but falls in love with Saloni instead. Their marriage is set amidst much speculations. Her marriage also creates a rift between her and her younger sister. In the new house, Saloni meets Bhabo - Nihar’s mother played by Surekha Sikri, Brijesh Pratap singh - Nahar’s elder brother played by Akshay Anand and his wife Tara Singh played by Ashlesha Savant who give her lot of love and support. The only person in the house who seems to dislike Saloni due to her color is Kuki Kaki played by Apara Mehta. The show revolves round how Saloni wins over the hearts of one and all and the challenges she has to face enroute this journey.

When the TRPs of the show took a slump the story had also taken a leap of some 20 years, showing an aged Saloni with her two daughters, one dusky like her and the other adopted. It showed how Saloni sees history repeating itself with her two daughters and the same comparisons being made about their color. The show ends with the two daughters married and settled with their chosen partners post a long struggle.

Saloni is a girl with golden heart and she is also selfless. But the daunting problem with her is her dark complexion. With such a strong plot, Rajshri Thakur gave a splendid performance as Saloni,Till now her character is etched in the minds of the audiences. The highlight of the serial is that inspite of all the ordeals, Saloni's traditional values are not compromised. 

The show was quite a success. It was dubbed in Sinhala with the name ‘Abhimann’ and is telecast on Swarnavahini in Sri-Lanka. A French dubbed version of the story is telecast by Asia Today, on Zee Maurities in various parts of Africa and the Carribean. Another version dubbed in Arabic was telecasd on Zee Alwan in 2012.

The show premeired on 17th October, 2005 and ended on 28th May, 2009. It completed a total of 854 successful episodes with a running time of 3 years and 6 months. It was telecast on  Monday-Friday, 9.30 pm on Zee tv.

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