Hindi Tv Serial Saahil

Saahil Hindi Tv serials on Dd metro

Saahil is one of the best Classic serials to be aired on DD metro. This family drama was aired in Hindi. The show started in 1995 and was very successful between households. In the mid-90s, Indian serials were mainly focused on the problems occurring in the family. The serial was focused on different individual relationships and problems these relations face daily. The show was produced by Cinevistaas Pvt. Ltd. it was directed by Surendra Mohan and created by Sunil Mehta. The serial had a total of 104 episodes each 23 minutes.

The show was focused on a young male named Sahil portrayed by Kiran Kumar an Indian film actor. In the program, the lead had to go through different challenges in his life. He was emotionally and physically challenged in the show. In the show, Sahil's girlfriend was played by Soni Razdaan. They were a happy couple enjoying their life until another lady named Prerna played by Kitu Gidwani makes an entry into the program. In the show, Soni Razdan had to leave Sahil due to some family problems and Sahil was left alone to live a sad life. He doesn't have a hope to be happy ever again and wants to end his life.

In the serial Prerna is a widow who lost her husband at a very young age and now lives a very simple life, without any joy in it. In the serial when she meets Sahil she falls in love with him, while Sahil who is still sad because his girlfriend left him needs someone to share his story. He meets Prerna and starts loving her. They both share their sad story and start to relate to each other. They both understand each other and help each other get over their first love. The serial was a new take on the life of different couples and how people change with time. In the 90s this was one of the best shows to change the perspective of people on a widow. It changed the way people think a widow should spend her whole life. It was a take on social issues spread in our society.