Hindi Tv Serial Ruswaiyaan

Ruswaiyaan Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

'Dard Ke Andheke Nishaan~Ruswaiyaan' is a show which aired on Zindagi Tv channel. This show is an Indian adaptation of the Pakistani serial 'Mohabbat Rooth Jaaye Toh'. This show is a small series of 19 episodes and aired on 11th June 2015. It was a daily soap which was given a time slot of 10 PM. The story of the show outlines the darker lanes of society. It explores the issues such as child marriage, honor killings, and marriage to the Holy Quran. The story is written by Faiza Iftikhar while the show is produced and directed by Mahmood Ali Salman Masood and Roomi Insha, respectively.

The show has an amazing title track with beautiful lyrics which has a Sufi feel to it. The song is composed and sung by Ifti. The show has Humayun Saeed and Mahnoor Baloch in the lead roles. Adnan Siddique plays the role of Zain. The supporting cast includes Rashid Mehmood as Shahnawaz's dad, Azra Aftab as Shahnawaz's mom, Sunita Marshall as Shahnawaz's sister, Syra Yousuf as Mariam, Shahnawaz's second wife, Raju Jamil as Shumail's father and Humera Zaheer as Shumail's mother. Ruswaiyaan is a heart touching saga of 3 friends- Shahnawaz, Shumail, and Zain, living abroad. Shahnawaz develops feelings for Shumail and gathers up the courage to propose Shumail. Shumail rejects his proposal and a dejected Shahnawaz returns to Pakistan.

In Pakistan, he is forced to agree to marry his childhood fiancée. But he elopes with Shumail before his wedding and the couple gets married and settles abroad. His sister, Bhaag Bhari, is made to live in celibacy and marry the holy Quran. A rival family kills off his brother. Shahnawaz goes to Pakistan to meet his family and on his arrival he comes to know of his sister's condition. His father blackmails Shahnawaz to marry Mariam. Shahnawaz agrees for his second marriage but on a condition that he would take his sister with him. His father plans a mean gamit and Shahnawaz ends up marrying an 8-year-old Mariam. His father also ruthlessly murders Bhaag Bhari for his honor. Shahnawaz and his mother are shattered. His mother advises him to go back to Shumail. Shahnawaz takes Mariam to Karachi. He leaves her to his old acquaintance, Sister Veronica. He promises to take care of her expenses. Shahnawaz once again goes back to Shumail and hides the truth of his second marriage. He realizes that Shumail is pregnant. But Shahnawaz makes Shumail abort their child. He is afraid that he would be a terrible father to his daughter just like his father had been to Bhaag Bhari.

Seeing a heartbroken Shumail, he regrets his decision. Shumail's abortion, Bhaag Bhari's tragic death, and his father's inhumane acts make Shahnawaz break all the ties with everyone. The show takes a leap of 10 years. One day Shahnawaz asks Shumail to divorce him. He further asks her marry their friend, Zain, who's also a divorcee and be a mother to his daughter. Shumail is taken aback. She is agitated at him. Shahnawaz visits Pakistan where he comes to know about his parents’ death. He becomes aware that his sister is regarded as a peer. After visiting his sister's grave, Shahnawaz goes to Karachi to bring Mariam back to his Karachi house. Mariam is unaware of her real relationship with Shahnawaz but has immense respect for him. Her friend, Azad, gives a marriage proposal to her although she has always seen him as a friend only. While Shumail decides to divorce Shahnawaz, she finds his diary and reads about all the struggles her husband had gone through. She goes to Karachi to meet Shahnawaz. Shumail presumes Mariam as his adopted daughter. Mariam accepts Azad's marriage proposal, but Shahnawaz disapproves of Azad. He believes that Azad's family is orthodox.

Mariam wholeheartedly accepts his decision while Shumail gets suspicious of Shahnawaz's disapproval and doubts Shahnawaz's intentions. Shumail comes across Nikaahnama and tells Mariam about it. But Mariam is elated to discover about her marriage with Shahnawaz as she was slightly attracted towards him from the beginning. Shahnawaz, however, clarifies that he has always loved Mariam like a daughter, and Shumail is the woman he truly loves, by taking Sister Veronica's help. Mariam is made to sign divorce papers and start afresh. Azad meets Shahnawaz and realization dawns on him that Azad's family isn't stereotypical. Finally, Shahnawaz gives his approval to Azad and Mariam's marriage, and the show ends on a happy note.