Hindi Tv Serial Rudra Ke Rakshak

Rudra Ke Rakshak Hindi TV SERIALS on BIG Magic

Big Magic is concentrating more on the kids, and giving them a heavy priority in the early prime time. Many children-friendly shows like Baal Krishna, Eklavya, and now RudraKeRakshak are being aired. This children’s fantasy show revolves around the adventurous protagonist, Avi, and his cousins Vishu, and Maya.

The show is about the wizarding world, mythical creatures, and fantasy kingdoms, and how Avi differentiates between good, and evil, which conveys the moral message to the kids watching the show. Avi, and his cousins are born wizards, and have inherited the white magical powers as family lineage.

These kids, with the help of these superpowers, fight the evil guy, Gurukaal, the head of black magic. The writer of the show disclosed that the story is inspired by the Hindu scriptures. The show strongly promises an adventurous journey to the mystical lands, and the kids would enjoy it.