Hindi Tv Serial Rubi

Rubi Hindi Tv serials on Channel 9x

Rubi’ was TV soap serial that was aired on August 26th in 2008 on 9X channel. The serial was given time slot at 9.30 PM every night on Monday and Tuesday only. The one-hour duration series had dealt with a story of a middle-class girl who has a positive attitude in her life.

She dreams of better things in life and does not even allow any hopelessness and other difficulties like ‘penury’ to come across her life. She belongs to a middle-class family who is deeply rooted in family values and traditions. But her attitude to change her life pattern comes as a barrier to her family members. Rubi takes a decision to shift to Mumbai and wants to break away from her past life. It is then her family values and traditions come as a barrier, but yet it is only a Rubi’s journey for her self-achievement.

She is the free-spirited girl who is basically strong and tries too hard to win her life. She believed in doing what she actually believes. B.A.G Films produced the serial. Swasti Sinha played the title role of Rubi. Other TV famous actors like Ali Merchant and Gautam Rodhe were too part of the cast. Swasti Sinha, who played the role of Rubi Dewan, is a typical girl of a small town but her character to struggle with her inners self-forms the beauty of the plot.

Gautam Rodhe, who plays the role of Yuvraj Kashyap in the serial, is a doctor and is a hard working person. His character gets strengthened as he also faces similar struggles in life to fulfill his mission. Chahat Khanna, who plays the role of Mira Rai, is a rich, warm and beautiful girl, and is a friend to Rubi. Ali Merchant plays the role of Kunal Oberoi and is Yuvraj’s best friend. It is just a family drama which sketched a young girl’s dream and reality.