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In our country, stories of the great Lord Krishna are very popular. Some stories are about his mischievous childhood, and some stories were about his courage. The most famous stories were about rivalries among him and his evil uncle, Kansa. Roll No.21 is an Indian television animated series directed beautifully by Aah Long and Uttam Pal Singh. Its first premiere aired on children’s day, 14 November 2010, by Cartoon Network India. This show is a perfect style of telling stories of Lord Krishna to today’s generation who are so much into cartoons and other technologies. Roll No.21 is a series which depicts the stories of the rivalry of Lord Krishna and his uncle, Kans. The show started with the entry of Kanishk, was appointed as the principle of Mathura Anaath Ashram.

People think that he has a big heart, and he loves being with kids, but the truth is he’s none other than the cruel Kans, who wants to manipulate all the children and convert them to zombies to create a large army for himself. He came back to take revenge from people of Mathura, who worship Lord Krishna religiously. But no longer could he reign as an undercover agent of the orphanage sent an SOS to Holy Council of Gods. Immediately all gods decided to send Krishna to Mathura to take care of Kanishk’s evil plans. Kris is an incarnation of Lord Krishna, who came to Mathura to save them from Kanishk and reveal his real face. He came as a kid, but his skin color is blue. Kanishk knows that he is Krishna. He always tries many tricks to get rid of him, but Kris always gets him down.

Dr.J, who is said to be the incarnation Jarasandh, always sets up a new plan and invents new gadgets and machines to defeat Kris and to take over all the kids. They also have Tarak, a math teacher who is the incarnation of Taraksur, in their gang whose only work to say ‘yes sir’ to whatever they say. Though Kris is Krishna, but he’s a kid too so he does have some traits of an ordinary child. He doesn’t like doing his homework, but he loves playing with his friends. He has a lovely bunch of friends. It includes Radha who is called Pinky in later seasons. She is said to be the incarnation of Radha. She is an intelligent and a caring girl who always gets worried about her friends. Sudama, who is Babloo in later seasons is Kris’ best friend. He is a sports person.

Then they have Madhu, who always brings new ideas of gadgets and also the smartest one in the group. Ballu is the elder brother of Kris who always keeps his eye on him. Golu is the bully of their ashram. His favorite target is Madhu. Naarad, who is Sukhi in later episodes, is the incarnation of Naarad Muni whose job is to keep informing the gods about the updates of Kris and Kanishk. Though Kris acts an ordinary kid among all the children yet sometimes he uses his divine powers to stop Kans from his evil deeds.