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Hindi Tv Serial Rishton Se Badi Pratha

Rishton Se Badi Pratha Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv

Rishton Se Badi Pratha was a Hindi daily drama soap that was telecast on the Indian entertainment television channel Colors TV. The show ran on television for 1 season with a total of 142 episodes. The show “Rishton se badi pratha’s” original airing was from November 15, 2010 to May 27, 2011. It was a spellbound production and walk water media’s joint venture and Pearl Grey Pearl Grey is a famous Indian producer who has pro >> Read More... was this show’s producer. This TV show had an approximate runtime of 23 minutes. Directed by director Jatin Ravasla, Rishton se badi pratha was written by –Pearl Grey, Shanti Bhushan Shanti Bhushan is an Indian writer who has worked >> Read More... and Vishal Watwani Vishal Watwani had started his career as an actor >> Read More... .

The title song of this show was sung by popular singer Richa Sharma Richa Sharma, born August 29 1980 in Faridabad, is >> Read More... and the musical score of “Rishton se badi pratha” was composed by Anil Ganderia. The show was based on the theme of “Honor killings”-the barbaric practice that is mostly prevalent in North India where married couples are brutally killed if they marry between different castes and different family backgrounds. The story of this show revolved around two such families of different background and caste who resided in the western part of Uttar Pradesh. The main protagonists of this show Abhay and Surbhi members of these two families fell in love with each other and got married secretly.

Due to the fear of incurring the wrath of their respective families, as they hailed from different caste and family backgrounds, they eloped. But, soon, both the families found them and were about to kill them. However, at this crucial moment, Abhay revealed to both the families that Surbhi is expecting their child. Hearing this, both the families in hope that Surbhi might bear a son to the “ Khandaan Khandaan is a television series that aired on Door >> Read More... ” forgave both of them and accepted them but Abhay’s family members continued their hostile attitude towards Surbhi. How Abhay and Surbhi sustain their love and relationship amidst all the obstacles, hardships and hurdles to safeguard their unborn child constituted the remaining plot of the show.

The show was heavily criticised for its sensitive content and brutal beating and violent fighting sequences that featured the female protagonist. The TV series also failed to achieve popularity as expected from the viewers. The show was also under the vigilance of Information and Broadcast Ministry of the Government of India for portraying such sensitive and controversial issues. Actor Gaurav Chaudhary later replaced by Vishal Karwal Born on 18th November, 1984, Vishal Karwal always >> Read More... played the role of Abhay and actor Shalini Chandran Known for her role as Maithili in one of the most >> Read More... later replaced by Parul Chauhan Parul Chauhan, more popularly remembered as Ragini >> Read More... essayed the role of Surbhi.