Hindi Tv Serial Rishton Ka Mela

Rishton Ka Mela Hindi tv-serials on ZEE TV

This show is a 2015 Hindi mini drama series which was produced and created by Subhash Chandra in association with Essel Vision Production. Starring Sargun Mehta as the lead actress, it was also a multi-starrer mini-series including actors like Gauri and Hiten Tejnani to name a few. The show premiered on Zee Tv on 27 April 2015. The story aims to showcase women from different walks of life and their struggles in life. This tale is somewhat similar to the movie Lajja. Here Sargun Mehta's character Deepika has eloped away from her erratic and cruel fiance whose is also a police inspector and comes across strong women whose struggles also changes her life. The story of all the women are woven into Deepika's story.

The story backdrop is also set against a traditional Mela and how all women try to save it. One of those women whom Deepika meets is Gauri Pradhan Tejwani's character Neha. Neha is going through personal crises as her marriage from her husband Rahul (Hitesh Tejwani) is in its final hearing of divorce. They are heading to the court for their final hearing of divorce when their car breaks down. Rahul suggests for a mechanic to repair the car. While the mechanic repairs the car both of them step into the Mela where Deepika and Neha meet and also Neha and Rahul get to spent some quality time with each other. In the due course, Deepika's love story too proceeds and takes a new dimension. There are total 8 such women whose stories were woven in the series.

The show marked Sargun's return to the TV after a gap and is also apparently the first time that the actress is doing a finite series. When quizzed on what prompted her to take up the role she said that the chance to work with some of the prominent faces of Zee Tv and the fact that it was a woman-centric role was what that tempted her. It was also after a long time that we got to see tele- couple Hiten and Gauri together. This was also Zee Tv's first attempt at making a finite series. The show was being telecasted on the channel, at 7:00 p.m. The show managed to fare decently.The series came to its natural end within ten episodes, and the last episode was aired on 8th May 2015.