Hindi Tv Serial Rishta.com

Rishta.com Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Rishta.com is a comedy television show which used to air on Sony TV. The show aired every Sunday night at 9 pm and each episode was one hour long. The show premiered on 3rd January, 2010 and ran for one season before concluding on 2011. The serial was produced by Aditya Chopra and Yash Chopra under their production house called YRF Television. It was conceived, written and directed by Rishab Seth. The serial stars Shruti Seth and Kavi Shastri in the leading roles.

The serial revolves around four friends 'Isha Mirchandani', 'Rohan Mehra', 'Huzaifa' and 'Ruchika'. The four friends decide to pool their resources and start a matchmaking and dating website called Rishta.com. Each episode has a different mini-story as the friends manage a new client’s relationship as well as deal with their internal problems. However, the show is also linked by a central storyline which sees the characters grow and mature. The show got critical acclaim for its fresh new concept and the quality of the acting in it. Apparently, the actors pulled off their job with great finesse, which was very advantageous to the serial. The show also received praise since the characters seemed very real and could be related to very easily.