Hindi Tv Serial Rin Mera Star Superstar

Rin Mera Star Superstar Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Rin Mera star superstar was an Indian Talent, Hunt Show. The main prospect of the show was unearthing the hidden talents of children. The selected age group of the show was from 5 years to 14 years. They were given a platform to show their hidden talents. Actually, the show wanted to exploit the talents which were hidden in the corners of the India. The main prospect of the show was discovering these hidden talents and preparing them for the future. The show promised the children a bright future along with a good prize.

The program also promised that it would offer a national platform for the sake of these children’s. Hence many children’s across India applied for the competition. The show got a huge response in terms of application. Before even starting, the show was projected to do a good business in the TRP market. The show had a good motive and thus the Indian people accepted it heartily. The show makers wanted to utilise the talents of India and they wanted to give them a plot where they could build up.

There were 3 categories on the show. They were Acting, Singing and Dancing. The show was hosted by very beautiful Shilpa Sakhlani. The show had a different concept and it was apart from other talent hunt shows as it also made the mother of the children’s a part of the show. Their respective mothers played a part in their win or loss. It made the show very interesting and different. There was a round, for the mothers where each mother could plea to the audience for voting. The mothers plead to the audience and asked them for a vote as well as to the judges. The pleading of the mothers have accepted by some people but most of the viewers were against this process. But still it was a part of the show and the audience submitted their vote according to the mother’s request and it made a great impact in the total score of a kid. The mother-child duo with the highest numbers progressed onto the next round.

Among millions of entries 40 lucky contestants were selected in the show. In every episode there were 4 contestants who were among the lucky 40 and these 4 contestants participated in each episode. 2 of them were eliminated every episode and hence the show was even more interesting and suspenseful. Among the Jury there were Sachin Pilgaonkar and Farida Jalal. Thus the show progressed and it came to Semi-Finals which was held over 2 days and finally came the moment of Grand Finale. There was immense competition between two dancers who entered the grand finale. But the female dancer Divya Rajsekaran was outwitted by the male dancer Rituraj Mahalim who won the show. The boy was just 6 years old. But as the show promised it gave him 5 lakh Rupees along with a national platform.

The show was endorsed with that of the celebrity judges and guests every week and fans appreciated the show largely. The show was rated as one of the best Talent Hunt shows in India.

The show was premiered on September 8, 2006, and ended on 7 January 2007. The show was held for 18 weeks. The show was broadcasted by Star Plus.