Hindi Tv Serial Ratan Ka Rishta

Ratan Ka Rishta Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv
Ratan Ka Rishta is a marriage reality television show introduced by Swayamvar Season 3, on NDTV Imagine TV. The show named on the bride Ratan Rajput and Ratan ka Rishta means “Marriage alliance for Ratan”. It got premiered on 30 May 2011 and ended on 3 July 2011.It was telecasted Monday through Friday at 8 pm and covered 31 episodes.

Contestants: Pardeep Babbar,Anupam Singh Kushwah,Abhimany Singh,Abhinav Sharma,Rohit Mittal,Deepak Pandit,Gaurav Jaggi,Pankaj Soni,Rohit Jain,Suresh Tumula,Rahul Wahal, Syed Shoaib Hussian Sabri, Ritesh Jaiswal, Sudhanshu Tiwari

Show Concept

Ratan Ka Rishta was designed on the lines of the ancient Indian Swayamwar where Ratan Rajpoot will be choosing a life partner for herself from a group of hopeful suitors by putting them through a series of tests. She would interact with the prospective grooms and would choose an appropriate groom which would end her getting married on the television. The Show would trace the journey of Ratan and the Contestants by capturing experiences, emotions and choices that the celebrity would go through in her quest to find the right Life Partner.

Abhinav Sharma won the show. Though the couple hasn’t married, they announced that they are engaged. The relationship has since fallen apart.

Ratan Ka Rishta proved a disaster for Imagine TV. It performed poorly on the TRP charts and also got negative reviews for its eccentric presentation. The contestants were not impressive either. Ratan Rajput's actions and her mean attitude were criticized by the viewers. The show finally saw Ratan Rajput getting "engaged" which shunned everyone since she claimed to be married in this show from the beginning.