Hindi Tv Serial Rakhi ka Insaaf

Rakhi ka Insaaf Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv

Rakhi ka Insaaf was an Indian Reality show where the hot item girl Rakhi was the Host and the Judge. In the show, Rakhi Sawant was obliged to do Insaaf or Justice. The plot was very new according to the other reality shows. In the show contestants came to Rakhi Sawant in order to get justice. The show was very interesting and it was broadcasted to increase the trending of the channel. But plans didn’t go along well as a huge number of people showed hatred towards the show. The show had a lot of controversies.

The plot of the story was very new. The main cast was Rakhi Sawant. In the show, the guests came and told their problem to Rakhi Sawant. Most of them were married couple. They had many problems. Such as in a show, a woman told Rakhi that she was forced by her husband to sleep with another man. These were all mature problems and Rakhi used to use obscene language. Then some witnesses were presented before Rakhi Sawant in order to prove that the story was true. Then Rakhi Sawant used to act as the judge.She used to give mighty punishment to the criminal. Such as, a criminal was asked to hit with sandal by his wife. Rakhi also used obscene languages to disgust the criminal. The show was actually a stage which was set up for the Deceased who told Rakhi Sawant about his/her problem and Rakhi would provide him with a fair, human supported suggestion. Most of the problems consisted adult issues.

The show had a lot of controversies. Most of the people hated it because of Rakhi Sawant who used very bad words in the show. The Information and Broadcasting ministry of India noticed NDTV and there was a case filed against Rakhi Sawant for provoking a man to suicide. The ministry decided that Rakhi would not be allowed to use such language though she escaped from the provoking case because no clear death note was found.

But the show was based on Humanism. Rakhi Sawant punished the criminal based on Humanism. Such as a man who let her wife sleep with another man was called Impotent and was badly abused by Rakhi. It might not be the best way to do it. But what would anybody do against, such criminals? The show was based on logic, not to hurt anybody. But when everybody opposed it, the show ended. The thinking should have been against such kind of criminals who committed Adultery, Fornication or Rape. The thinking ended up being against Rakhi Sawant who used bad language. But what would anybody do to these kind of criminals. The show was based on humanism not correct justice then why it was forced to shut down? The question remains Intact

The Hot Item Girl, Rakhi Sawant was the Host and Judge of the Show.

The show premiered on the 16th of October on 2010 and it was forced to shut down very quickly. The show ended the following year on the 29th of January. The show was premiered on NDTV Imagine.