Hindi Tv Serial Rakhi

Rakhi Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Rakhi was an Indian TV serial which was based on a beautiful bonding between a brother and his sister. The show mainly pointed towards the complications of this relation. It showed that how a brother-sister relationship faces a lot of difficulties. The show recognises the beautiful bonding and the team members of this series worked very hard to present this show to the viewers. It was not a common Indian serial rather it was a serial with completely concept and thinking. The story was based on a girl named Nandini who was between her brother and her lover. She was in a dilemma about this. She was confused to choose between her brother and her lover. The problem was that her brother didn’t want her to get married to that guy. Thus she was confused whom should she leave.

As the story went further, Nandini’s brother named Bhai Raja married a girl who was named Neelima. Then the show took an interesting turn. Actually, Neelima was the sister of Aaryan with whom Bhai Raja didn’t allow the wedding of his sister. Thus Aaryan's and his grandmother weren’t happy with the wedding. Thus grandmother wanted to separate Raja and Neelima. And to make this plan a successful one, grandmother had sent Neelima’s friend Nisha and her sister Nikita to Bhai Raja’s house. They made a plan to spray a liquid in Raja’s home as Raja didn’t like it.

They hoped that they would create a big scene but to their utter surprise Neelima Stood in Raja’s side and thus their plan failed. Raja and Neelima almost unveiled the secret of Nisha but somehow she managed to escape. Then Ambar was introduced who was the younger brother of Raja. Fatima was introduced who was like a mother to Raja and her daughter Gunjan were also introduced. Gunjan always wore traditional clothes. But she liked Ambar very much. On the other hand, Ambar liked Nikita. Then Gunjan had worn western clothes because she wanted to impress Ambar. But as she looked funny in that dress-up everybody laughed at her except Neelima who only supported her. Then Nisha and Nikita tried to instigate Gunjan as they said Nikita loved Ambar but everything went in vain as Neelima was able to find their truth and they were thrown out from their house.

As the story further progressed it took an interesting turn as Ambar and Gunjan slept in one night and it resulted in Gunjan’s pregnancy. Raja’s father came back into the picture and he filled Ambar’s mind with complete hatred towards Gunjan. But when Raja found out the truth about Gunjan’s pregnancy he decided that Ambar and Gunjan should get married. The marriage took place. But Ambar told Gunjan that he would never consider her as his wife. Gunjan tried everything to get close to him but in vain. Nandini was married to her friend, prince. Eventually, everybody was unhappy with the marriage but they somewhat accepted it afterwards. On the other hand, the elder sister of Prince named Kadambari was interested in the fact that Nandini was wealthy and thus wanted money from her family. Kadambari always told Nandini about their poorness and how it affected them. She even stooped very low by burning their own house because she wanted to live with Raja’s family as a Rich woman but all her wishes weren’t completed.

Then Nandini and her in-laws lived permanently with Raja. Neelima became pregnant but Raja wanted to give the children to Nandini who faced an accident and became barren. But Nandini didn’t want to take the baby as she knew Neelima was not happy with it. It then created a big issue in the family. But everything was solved after they knew that Nandini was pregnant. But it was a lie because Nandini wanted to keep everybody indulged with it. She asked her husband Prince about Surrogacy but Prince declined it. But Nandini told him that it was the only way to prevent Raja from giving his baby. Then Neelima met with a disaster and went in Coma.

Pari, who is the daughter of the Neelima, assumes herself as the daughter of Nandini and Prince. The show took a leap of 5 years and Nandini and Prince decided to go to Dubai. Raja was in a dilemma as Neelima wanted Pari to get the love of both her parents. But Nandini and Prince decided to go to Dubai without Pari. When Pari learned this she ran behind their car which resulted in her accident and Prince and Nandini were forced to stay back. Neelima returned from Coma and Prince hit a man with a car.

The show ended happily as Prince was released from the case. Finally, Ambar accepted Gunjan as his wife. Pari still considered Prince and Nandini as her Parents. Raja and Neelima sacrificed their daughter. Nandini told Raja in the last episode that she was fortunate because she had a brother like Raja. Whilst Raja also thanked his luck for having such a sister and thus it ended very happily.

Ayub Khan played the role of Bhai Raja; Nupur Joshi played her role as Nandini, Sharhaan Singh as Ambar, Kartik Sabharwal as Prince, Aastha Chowdhury as Gunjan, and Monalika Bhosle as Neelima.

The show premiered on the 27th of August on 2007 and ended after completing its 330th episode on the 12th of February on 2009. The show was broadcasted on Zee TV.