Hindi Tv Serial Rab Se Sohna Isshq

Rab Se Sohna Isshq Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Rab Se Sohna Ishq was telecasted on July 16, 2012 and went off air on June 14, 2013. This happened because of falling TRP. The story revolved around love and betrayal on the part of three main characters of the serial. The serial was shot in India as well as London.

The story starts for a girl named Sahiba who has been loving a person named Ranveer, from same village of Punjab and is about to get married to him. Ranveer also loves Sahiba but then he has dream to settle in London. There is another character named Daljeet, who also loved Sahiba. He belongs to the same village as Sahiba and is very down to earth person. He also wants to study in London and bring back that knowledge for welfare of her own village. He is not from a very well to do family. When Sahiba is about to get married to Ranveer, then he leaves her for a job in London. Sahiba is heartbroken but moves to London to find her love. She marries Daljeet to find Ranveer in London and goes there. Ranveer gets to know about the fact and tries to get married to a wealthy person’s daughter in London. That somehow fails and a chain of events leads the three characters to India.

After arriving India, Sahiba finds that she truly loves Daljeet and wants to go back to him. She gets pregnant with Daljeet’s child but then that child dies in an accident. Sahiba keeps shifting her love from Ranveer to Daljeet and they both love her and keep fighting amongst themselves to get Sahiba back. A chain of events occur and Sahiba gets pregnant with Ranveer’s child.

After certain point of time Ranveer dies in a car accident saving Daljeet, and Sahiba leaves her village with her son. She stays with a mother and works in a convent school. She gets married to the mother’s son Fateh and they have a child.

Story takes a leap of 14 years where Sahiba has two sons from Ranveer and Fateh. They both fall for one girl and fight over her, but then eventually everything settles and that marks the happy ending of the story.

'Ekta Kaul' As Saiba

Ekta is from Jammu and has done her MBA. She came in the show biz in the year 2012 and Rab se Sona Ishq was her first serial. She has participated in a dance reality show and has worked with Ekta Kapoor, in one of her serials.

'Ashish Sharma' As Ranveer

Ashish started his career with a movie named Love Sex Aur Dhoka. He has also done four other serials and a dance reality show. He started his career in the year 2009 and going good.

'Kanan Malhotra' As Daljeet

Kanan started his career with a serial named chand chupa badal me in the year 2010. He is from New Delhi and till date he has worked in 5 serials.