Hindi Tv Serial Raaz- the thriller

Raaz- the thriller Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one
The show with a very intriguing title Raaz, which means the hidden truth, was a very popular horror show which was telecast on the channel Sahara One every Saturday at 11.00 p.m. It would be wrong to call it a horror show exactly because the theme of the show was to find the underlying truth behind the various happenings that seemed to be ghostly in nature. Sunil Prem Vyas played a key role in the series. It was an episodic serial and he would usually play the role of a horrified villager who would go to seek the help of a detective or police to protect him. The village he lived at was believed to be doomed by some witch who used to live in the age-old Haveli of the village and every villager was scared to enter it. Each week some new horrifying event would take place that would unnerve the village people and they would go to seek help of police or detectives. As the episode graduated, various truths began to be revealed and in the end the real Raaz was unearthed which formed a nail-biting climax.

The aim of the show was to educate the illiterate and superstitious Indian people about the truth that ghosts do not exist and they are wasting their time believing in superstitions. Due to a very new and interesting concept, the show was widely liked by people of all age groups, especially the youth.