Hindi Tv Serial Raaz Ki Ek Baat Hai

Raaz Ki Ek Baat Hai is a famous TV show. The audience is in love with the actors and appreciates the storyline. In this show, different relations are depicted and we see that how mistake of a single person can affect the life of others. This show is all about a family who is rich and how other people are trying their best to be a part of it. They even steal their money. There are many sub-plots in the show, and every sub-plot is as fascinating as the other. The Arya family is known for their ethics, culture, and their large property. Akanksha Arya who is the maiden of the family treats Yoginder Chawla as her own brother and asks help from him every time she is in the problem, and he loves to help her out.

The friendship or relationship as one could say, deepens between them until finally Dheeraj Arya, husband of Akanksha unveils him in front of his wife and tells her how he is responsible for every terrible problem that happens to them due to which, Akanksha starts hating him and seeks revenge. There is also a personality, known as the devil in the home who takes pleasure when any hardship comes to the family. It somehow increases her strength, and she keeps on inviting the evil. Dheeraj Arya has a daughter named Trisha who is madly in love with a Gujarati boy, Dewank. Dewank decides to tell his family about her.

There is convinced greed in his mind that is seen during the episodes. Later on, when Dewank’s family comes to meet Trisha's family, they are way too excited and praise their son for having an affair. Afterward, they were shooed away by the caretaker of the Arya family who screams at them and says that they could have Trisha, but they won't get a single penny from the house as dowry. Later on, the misunderstandings are cleared. The widow of Dheeraj’s younger brother also lives with them and is a saint figure. Kaveri helps Trisha in taking the right decision and also teaches her morals from time to time. Their family does not want to lose Kaveri. They love her a lot and give her space so as she can live a life of her own.