Hindi Tv Serial Raavi Aur Magic Mobile

Raavi Aur Magic Mobile Hindi tv-shows on STAR PLUS

A child's fondness with the world of imagination is undeniable. It creates a certain level of excitement and interest. This serial is full of Humor, excitement and full of fantasy. The story revolves around Ravi, who had been brought up as Ravinder in Dharampur, which is known to the world but except her Family. Ravi was brought up as a boy so that her property does not go to wrong hands and her life always remains safe. Ravi's life takes a turn after her Grandfather's death. Her cousin Dadu named "Shamsher" has an eye on their property and tries to make their lives miserable by plooting against them.

Once, Ravi stumbles upon the magic mobile, which comes to rescue her in a tricky situation. It also serves as a moral guide to kids. Some people think that Ravi is an alien, and some people even kidnapped her for that reason only. But they don't know that she is a normal human being, it is her mobile which does all magic which was given by her friend SIMSIM, who lives at Pink Planet. By pressing the third button, we can reach to the place where we want to go. It is this magic mobile who protects her and her family every time and makes her life filled with happiness and adventures.

She is an honest, intelligent and brave person. She and her family always fight from the situations together. All the students in her school make a joke of her and her best friends Rohan and Amar helps her from every situation. All want to create problems in her life. Most of the people wanted to occupy the property of Ravi. But her magic mobile and she provide a moral lesson to us that we should never fear from the situations and fight with them bravely. God is always with us in one form or other like with Ravi, her mobile with magic guide her in every path.

Ravi's mother Amrita has a deep relationship with her daughter, Ravi. Amrita takes a decision to keep her daughter's identity as a secret. It tells all gimmick which occurs in her life, and her magic mobile helps her in solving it. Her life is full of challenges and her mobile always rescues her in tricky situations. It would be amazing when our mobile can do magic and make our life full of adventures and help us in our problems. This serial is a mixture of fun, comedy, action, adventure and also provides a moral lesson to kids. Enjoy and learn from this beautiful journey of Ravi with her magic mobile.