Hindi Tv Serial Pyar Ki Kashti Mein

Pyar Ki Kashti Mein Hindi Tv serials on Star one

‘Pyar Ki Kashti Mein’ was a Hindi television show aired on Star One Channel in 2004-2005. This rom-com genre show had total ‘39 episodes’ and was about a love story brewing on board a luxury cruise. It had an ensemble cast with famous TV actors like ‘ Sachin Verma’, ‘ Sampada Vaze’, ‘ Neelu Kohli’, ‘ Anang Desai’, ‘ Arun Govil’, ‘ Achint Kaur’ and others. It was the television debut of Sachin and Sampada as a new pair, and they gave promising performances which led to the audience immensely loving the show. The plot revolved around how the ‘Mehrotras and Pillais’ go about trying the fix the alliance of their children Avinash and Meenakshi aboard a luxury cruise after a tarot reader predicts about it. The parents try various ploys to make the two fall in love, trying to tackle various hilarious situations and peculiar characters.

The cruise has various oddball characters like a pretentious yet goofy couple, two out of work choreographers, a glamorous diva, a clever reporter and her assistant and a Casanova playboy. Avinash and Meenakshi initially hate each other and have a showdown. Minu thinks Avinash is uncultured and arrogant, while Avi sees Minu as a hot-headed and opinionated girl he can’t stand. Also, fashion magazine editor falls for Avinash, and Casanova Manav vies for Minu’s attention, much to the chagrin of Mrs. Mehrotra and Mr. Pillai, who are hell bent on getting Avi and Minu together. Avinash and Meenakshi keep landing up in various heated situations, thus adding to their parents’ troubles who eagerly want to get them married.

The ship docks at various tourist ports and Avi and Minu go through various instances like Rita trying to frame Minu for being a thief, a misplaced presentation CD, a secluded monorail ride, getting locked together in a cabin, etc. Mr. Pillai and Mrs. Mehrotra gang up and try various ploys to ward off Rita and Manav, and also end up being detective like spying and plotting on their children, even making it look like they are having an affair at times. Their hilarious antics, along with the other mingling characters, make it an enjoyable watch. How Avinash and Minu eventually go on to become friends and eventually come together as lovers forms the rest of the story. A simple storyline, with quirky characters and situations and an adorable presentation, made ‘Pyar Ki Kashti Mein’ a nice, feel good show to watch.