Hindi Tv Serial Pyaare Afzal

Pyaare Afzal Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

Pyaare Afzal, a Pakistani romantic drama serial, revolves around a love triangle between the lead character Afzal Subhanallah [Hamza Ali Abbas], Farah Ibrahim [Aiza Khan], and Yasmeen [Soha Ali Abro]. The curtains open with Afzal Subhanallah, the only son of Maulvi Subhanallah [ Firdous Jamal], playing cricket on the streets of Hyderabad. Afzal, who graduates from college with low grades, finds no job and spends his time playing sports, cards, and gambling, which disgusts his father. Furthermore, Afzal is infatuated with Farah Ibrahim, the rich, mill owner’s daughter. He reads letters in front of his friends, which he receives from a girl named Farah, and he declines to disclose the name of the girl to them. On the other hand, Farah is getting tied to marriage with Mahtab (Umer Naru), a family friend.

So, Farah along with her sister Lubna (Sana Javed)  hire Afzal to be Farah’s pretend lover, so to get her parents believe that she loves some other person. They succeed in convincing her parents, and consequently, the marriage is called off. Meanwhile, Afzal, the contrary, falls in immense love with Farah, and his sister [Anoushay Abbasi] convinces her parents to take the proposal to Farah’s parents. During the family meeting, Farah ridicules and disgraces Afzal, leaving him excruciatingly heart broken. He then leaves Hyderabad for Karachi. In Karachi, Afzal rooms with Babu Hameed, in a rented room. They eventually end up becoming good friends. One day, Afzal witnesses Yasmeen, his land lady’s daughter, being harassed by her cousin Wali, who is a gangster, to marry him. Afzal eventually intervenes and gets into a fight with Wali. The fight ends with Wali being humiliated upon losing; he then vows to return with a vengeance, for the embarrassment he suffered at Afzal’s hand.

Wali then comes back, along with his men, and shoots Afzal. At the same time, Afzal’s family in Hyderabad is disturbed, upon his leaving without informing anyone. Farah eventually turns obsessive towards Afzal, with each of her conversation ending up with him. This raises Lubna’s, Farah’s sister’s, suspicion on Farah’s feelings towards Afzal. However, upon confrontation, Farah denies her love for Afzal. Then, Farah along with her father travels to Karachi, in the search of Afzal. When both of them arrive, they find out that Afzal has been fired by a gun and is in the hospital; although he eventually survives. Yasmeen is moved by Afzal’s actions and falls for him. When she meets Farah, she begins to get insecure. Meanwhile, in the absence of Afzal, Wali comes to Yasmeen’s house again. Babu Hameed attempts to shoot him, but ends up getting shot himself. Afzal on hearing this news decides to avenge Babu Hameed’s murder.

The undercover police develop an interest in him, because of his spite with Wali, and employ him as their undercover vigilante, and pay him to construct a gang to carry over undercover assigned killings of criminals. Their first target was Wali, and Afzal along with his colleagues assassinates him. Afzal, here on after, becomes an infamous gangster, as the alias followed to work for the undercover police. When Afzal hears about Farah’s engagement with her psychologist Sibtain, he decides to get married to Yasmeen on the same day, as Farah is. Afzal and Yasmeen get engaged, while Farah’s engagement is brought to halt when Maulvi Subhanallah suddenly gets a heart attack. Hearing his father’s condition, Afzal, along with Yasmeen, comes back to Hyderabad. While their stay there, Yasmeen finds out the letters that Afzal wrote to himself as Farah and realizing the truth behind the letters, she goes up to Farah and confronts her. She then realizes that even Farah is still in love with Afzal.

At this time, she breaks off her engagement with Afzal and decides to go back. Meanwhile, on their way to Karachi, Yasmeen tells Afzal that Farah loves him. Afzal on the way back calls Farah, but unable to say anything, hangs up quickly. As Afzal steps out from his car, he gets shot by a bullet; fired by the police as he refused to work further with them. While he was dropping to the ground leaning against the car, he gets a call. It is Farah. Afzal apologizes for writing those letters, but Farah replies by saying that he doesn’t need to apologize. She further adds that she had also written a letter to him, and began to read it, “Pyaare Afzal, [meaning: Dear Afzal]” This is where the phone slips from Afzal’s palm, and he closes his eyes. He dies, with the last words that he heard being: “Pyaare Afzal”!