Hindi Tv Serial Purva Suhani Aayi Re

Poorva Suhani Aayi Re Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Free from the hubbub of the city, the rural parts of India are blessed with unparalleled natural beauty. Doordarshan in association with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting under the UPA government attempted to bring us closer to this earthy way of life through a new Hindi teleserial “Purva Suhani Aai Re”.

The show highlights the drudgery of the rural poor and how flagship programs help them solve these problems. The 52-episode serial was first telecast on August 13, 2013, and aired twice a week- Wednesday and Thursday, at 10 PM in the night on DD National. Sanjiv Kaul, who also administered the Indian soap opera “ Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi,” directed the show. The executives of the show thoroughly believed that Sanjiv helped to bring out a picture highlighting the rapid development of the rural areas, thereby, providing an unconventionally beautiful treat to the viewers, especially in the rural areas.

The production cost of each show was Rs 6 lakh borne by the channel out of the grants given to it by the government. Doordarshan ADG (PR and Publicity), V.K. Jain believes the show to be highly successful keeping in view that Purva Suhani Aai Re is a new initiative by the channel, showcasing the real-life success stories of people who have gained profit from the government policies.

The protagonist of the show- Poorva, is an illiterate village girl, but a highly stimulated and courageous woman who through her unbending and highly committed attitude gives a voice to her fellow villagers and enlightens them of the benefits of various government welfare programs and policies and assists them better their living standards. At the beginning of the show, Poorva marries the son of an affluent and influential Zamindar, who acts as the chief administrator and Pradhan of the village. When the UPA government implemented 50% reservation for women in the panchayats, the Pradhan to maintain his domination, appoints Poorva as Pradhan, thinking his supremacy would continue using her as a puppet. Initially,

Poorva is man-handled by her husband and father-in-law but eventually, she meets two young doctors who had come to the village for their summer training, a social activist and a community radio boy, who make her aware of the real sufferings of the villagers. The soap then showcases the struggle of Poorva in solving issues related to National Rural Health Mission and shaping the future of the village. The other characters playing a major role in the show include Sanjay Swaraj as the Pradhan and Neeraj Goswami as the radio boy. As the story unfolds, Poorva transforms from an untutored, benighted village girl to a strong independent woman. Leaving behind all the social and family limitations, she assists the suffering villagers in finding their voices.