Hindi Tv Serial Prratima

Prratima Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Prratima was an Indian TV series which aired on Sahara One. It was a story about Prratima, a dutiful daughter-in-law of the Sen Household. She had to face a lot of complications as her mother-in-law despised her immensely. Though she was very lucky as she had a father-in-law who thought she was perfect for his son Amol. Though it seems that it was a Common Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law saga, yet it was a bit different as the Mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law didn’t come face to face at any point of time. The series premiered on 23 August 2004. The series was produced by the brother of 'Rani Mukerji' his name is Raja Mukherji. The story is based on a Bengali Novel named ‘Protima’. They selected the title of the serial Prratima from the Bengali novel Protima written by Tara Shankar. It was directed by the famous Ashok Gaikwad.

Jyothi Mukherji played the Character of Prratima in the serial. While Anuj Saxena played the role of his Husband. Later the role was played by Vinay Jain. The famous Kirron Kher played a very important role as Prratima’s mother-in-law. The show consisted a fewer number of episodes in

The story began with Prratima, getting married to Amol Roy, the son of a rich land-owner. The marriage is a disaster from the very beginning as Prratima's mother-in-law refuses to see her daughter's face for life. Prratima’s husband also didn’t support her as he was very much obeying son to his mother and always agreed to what his mother said. On the other hand, Prratima’s mother-in-law disgusted her right from the beginning day. Prratima was completely overlooked and faced hatred from her mother-in-law to a great extent. Prratima’s mother-in-law stooped very low by marrying her elder son Atul off to her choice and thus married him to Anjali Thakur.

The misery of Pratima continued as the only supporting hand in her life, her father-in-law became paralysis and it was stated by the doctor that he will remain in the same condition in the rest of his life. After a lot of misery Prratima finally won over the heart of her mother-in-law.

The show aired in Sahara One from Monday to Tuesday at 230 P.M IST. It started in 2004 and ended when it completed its 174 episode.