Hindi Tv Serial Police Factory

Police Factory Hindi TV SERIALS on SAB TV

Police Factory belonged to action comedy genre. It also had a mixture of humor and suspense. SAB TV broadcasted it from 26 September 2015. Tony Singh created it & also produced it, and Rajan Waghdhare directed it. It used to come every week on Saturday and Sunday at 8:00 pm. It had 41 episodes, ending on 14 February 2016. The show is based on a 20-year-old police academy, which is in Mohali, Punjab. It is run by Inspector Shamsher Singh. Shamsher is a smart, strong, fit, and patriotic officer. This academy is famous for producing outstanding police officers, and Shamsher is considered as the best trainer. It features the challenges faced by Shamsher Singh to train seven cadets, who are complete losers. They are misfits for the academy but are dedicated to becoming police officers due to their own reasons. They joined the Police Academy only to satisfy their family, against their personal wish. Shamsher Singh Devgan is challenged by a reporter to train them.

The reporter is hired by Inspector Indrajeet Chaddha to become the Chief of Police Factory. Shamsher had a sister, Priya. She was a bubby, good- looking girl. The show also included their (brother-sister) relationship. Shamsher was showcased as a strict brother. It had romantic moments between Shamsher and Maya, and also between Priya and Rahul. The show deals with the student- teacher relationship. It showcases the internal relationships and friendships between them. The challenge taken by Shamsher constantly endangers his job. He is a hardworking and honest officer who has given his sweat and blood to the Academy for a decade. His life takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of these cadets in the academy. The challenges faced by Shamsher are presented in a brilliant way.

The show also included a student exchange program. The cadets also face a lot of difficulties in the journey to become police officers. Shamsher got the biggest challenge of his life to train them. He fights for his job every day. The roles of the main lead pair, Shamsher Devgan, and Maya Mohan, were played by Tarun Khanna and Vivana Singh. Vivana Singh played the double role with Chhaya, Maya’s Twin sister. They have done a fabulous job in the show. Naveen Bawa played the main antagonist role, Indrajeet Chaddha, and Manmohan Tiwari played his friend’s role, a reporter. The role of seven cadets were played by Paras Arora (Cadet Rahul), Ritesh Mobh (Cadet Vicky), Shireena Sambyal (Cadet Sheena Dhingra), Neha Tomar (Cadet Ruby Srivastav), Akshay Anand Kohli (Cadet Bundel Singh Jaat), Akash Pratap Singh (Cadet Rishi), and Anurag Singh Thakur (Cadet Bonie D’ Costa).

The role of Priya Devgan was played by Sonal Vengurlekar, later replaced by Deeksha Sonalkar. It was a family show, having clean comedy, unlike other comedy shows. It was hilarious. The show had drama, thriller, action, romance, suspense, and comedy. You will definitely like the show. Do watch it!