Hindi Tv Serial Piya Bina

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Piya Bina is an Indian Television non-fiction serial. This serial is a story of a girl and a boy who loved each other very much. Both of them are in their young age when they started loving each other. But their families are against each other. Due to this they ran away from their houses and married. Their parents filed a complaint of missing in Police Station. Police started investigation to search them. After 2 years of their marriage, girl’s father sees her daughter in a shop buying some household goods. Girl ran away and her father started following her and she was caught by her father and both girl and boy was brought back to their houses. After some time, Girl’s father fixed her daughter marriage to a gentle man who was the owner of Singhania Company. As girl was against this marriage, she attempted for suicide but her mother caught her and escape from it. Her mother loves her very much and she told all these happenings to her father. After all this, her father was agreed with their decision and went to boy’s house to fix their relation. So they got married again with each other in front of their families and relatives with all customs.

Main Roles:

Ayub Khan is an Indian Actor and Anchor. He is known for his role in various Television Serial and Cinema Movies. Ayub Khan He was born 23rd February 1969 in the family of Nasir Khan in a city Mumbai, India. He is married to Niharika Khan. He is known for his various movies like Yeh Dooriyaan, Zamanat, Teesri Aankh and many other movies.

Kitu Gidwani is an Indian model and actress. She was born in 22nd October 1967 in a family of Sindhi in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She is famous for her role in various Television serials like Air Hostess, Rukhmavati ki Haveli, Holi, Janam and many other movies.

This Show was produced by Atif Singh. This show was first time aired on 21st March 2002 and Continued till 2003. This show was in one of the most famous show of that time.