Hindi Tv Serial Pitchers

Pitchers Hindi TV SERIALS on TVF

Pitchers is a famous Indian Web Series which featured online on The Viral Fever’s content portal TVFPlay. It is the idea and execution of Arunabh Kumar and created by The Viral Fever (TVF). The first season consisted of 5 episodes in which four friends, Saurabh Mandal, popularly called as Mandal, Naveen Bansal commonly known as Naveen, Yogendra Kumar called Yogi and JitendraMaheshwari recognized as Jitu plan to establish their own start-up company after they quit their jobs.

The first episode of this web series had aired on 3rd June 2015 and just a week later, premiered on YouTube on 10th June 2015. The story started with Naveen being upset with his company because he had been denied to lead a project for which he had worked immensely hard. When his mentor Bhati asks him a fundamental question- ‘Who are you?’ The answer to this question is found by Naveen and his friends in their own unique way.At the same time, he receives news that his ‘B-Plan’ has reached the final round of NASSCOM start-up conclave. Following this incident, the friends rediscover what they want in their life, and thus the idea of a start-up creeps into the mind of three friends- Naveen, Jitu, and Yogi.

When Naveen’s roommate Saurabh, who is an IIM graduate, gets to know about the idea, he plans to convince the three to take him on board because they will need him. Once all the four friends get on board and set goals, the first one to tick off the list is finding investors. Once they enter the business world, they are overwhelmed by the number of start-ups already in the market. Following a step ahead comes a setback as Jitu needs to convince his father to let him join and work in the start-up. Whereas on one side, Naveen, Mandal and Yogi are determined to get their start-up off the ground and succeed under any circumstances, Jitu, on the other, has his own agenda to take care of at his home.

As the group is just one step away from their seed fund, the show takes a turn when one innocent mistake might take it all away, and Naveen’s love life also hit the rocks. The last episode of this series had aired on 30th August 2015. Immensely loved and appreciated by the internet audience, this show has gathered over 1 million views for each episode. Although when the first trailer had released, the show’s concept had been compared to the American TV show Silicon Valley. However, when the pilot was aired, it came out that it was not the case.

The inspiration of Pitchers in spirit, says Arunabh Kumar to The Huffington Post, is the HBO drama ‘Entourage’ which is about a young Hollywood star on the rise.